Kharkiv State Academy of Culture conducts significant research in a broad range of subject areas in the arts and humanities at regional, national and international levels. We offer PhD programmes in Culturology; Information, Library & Archive Studies; Music Art; Social Work; doctoral (Doctor of Sciences) courses in Culturology; Information, Library & Archive Studies; Music Art. There are two specialised academic boards having the right to hold the defense of theses for obtaining a PhD or Doctor of Sciences academic degree in Theory & History of Culture; Ukrainian Culture; Bibliology, Library Science & Bibliography Studies.

Two academic journals are published at KhSAC on a regular basis: Kultura Ukrainy (Culture of Ukraine) and Visnyk Kharkivskoi derzhavnoi akademii kultury (Bulletin of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture) covering current issues of theory and history of culture; applied cultural studies; world; culture and international relations; ethnocultural studies and cultural anthropology; Ukrainian culture; museology, historic preservation and conservation; social communication: theory and history of social communications; documentation studies, archival studies; book science, library science, bibliography; theory and history of journalism; theory and history of publishing and editing; applied social and communication technologies, as well as interdisciplinary research in related fields.

National and international scientific conferences are held annually: Cultural and Social Communications: Innovative Strategies of Development (in November) and Hemeneutics in the Sciences of Spirit (March). Key research areas: Ukrainian and world culture: history & theory (headed by Prof., Dr. Vasyl Sheyko) and Documental communication structure of society: innovative strategies of development (headed by Prof., Dr. Alla Solianyk). A number of successful scientific schools have been formed at the Academy V. Sheyko, M. Dyachenko, A. Solianyk, N. Kushnarenko, L. Filipova, A. Dehtiar, O. Roschenko, Yu. Loshkov in the humanities, and B. Kolnoguzenko, K. Shasha, I. Borys, S. Gordeyev, L. Kudrych, V. Boiko in the arts.

Among faculty members are 58 Doctors of Sciences, 130 candidates of Sciences. The rector of the Academy, Professor Dr. Vasyl Sheyko, is a prominent specialist in cultural studies with over 500 scientific papers and monographs to his credit.

The Academy is proud of its student research traditions; annual student scientific conferences, seminars and workshop attract dozens young researchers.