Department of Folk Choreography

Karina Ostrovska

Head of Department,
Associate Professor, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine

Phone: (057) 771-04-31

Of great importance for future choreographers is the practical application of theoretical knowledge, skills and abilities. To this end, “Zapovit” Folk Dance Theatre was established in 1990. Its founder, artistic director and author of concert programs was B.M. Kolnoguzenko. The team has successfully represented Kharkiv at international and all-Ukrainian competitions on many occasions.

Our staff members conduct creative seminars and masterclasses in professional disciplines in Kharkiv, Ukraine and abroad, participate in the jury of all-Ukrainian and international dance competitions.

Disciplines taught at the department:
 The art of ballet master
 Folk-dance and methods of teaching it
 Ukrainian folk-dance and methods of teaching it
 Samples of folk choreography
 Classical dance and teaching methods
 Choreographic ensemble
 Historic Ballroom Dance
 History and theory of Ukrainian f folk dance
 Flamenco dance culture
 History of choreographic art
 Folk costume and stage design of the dance