Department of Wind and Variety Orchestras

Igor Haidenko

Head of Department,
Candidate of Arts, Associate Professor

Phone: (057) 712-09-84

The department is proud of its brass and variety symphony orchestras (conductor - Yu. Persian); jazz orchestra, prize-winner of international jazz competitions and festivals (conductor Y. Kovach); ensemble of violinists, prize-winner of all-Ukrainian contests (artistic director - S. Romanenko).

Currently, the department offers degree programs in Wind and Percussion Instruments, and Variety Music.

Courses taught at the department:
 History and theoretical foundations of conducting
 Theory of performance on wind instruments
 Orchestral Class
 Conducting
 Study of orchestra instruments
 Ensemble class
 Conducting and orchestral practice
 Orchestration
 Reading scores
 Basics of composition
 Basics of improvisation art
 Jazz harmony
 History of jazz styles
 History of wind instruments playing