Department of Art Criticism, Literary Studies and Linguistics

Svetlana Rybalko

Head of Department,
Doctor of Arts, Professor

Phone: (057) 731-32-82

The main area of research at the department is the study of the theory of art, language and fiction as the most important factors of the spiritual progress of mankind and the determining factor of development of national and world culture.

Disciplines taught at the Department:
 History of Fine Arts
 Examination and evaluation of works of art
 Exhibition of works of art in world museum practice
 Cultural methods of analysis of a work of art
 The Art of the Ancient World and the Middle Ages
 Fundamentals of Art Criticism
 Theory of drama
 Screenwriting skills
 History of world literature
 History of Ukrainian Literature
 History of Literature (Comparative Analysis)
 History of Antiquity and the Middle Ages
 History of Early Modern Literature
 History of literature in the 19th-20th centuries.
 Ukrainian language for professional purposes
 The Ukrainian language in the media
 The basics of eloquence
 Fundamentals of linguistics
 Practical styling and literary editing
 Theory and practice of editing