Olena Bilyk
Vice-Rector for Scientific-Pedagogical Work and International Links
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Natalia Shumlianska
Head of the Centre for International Education and Cooperation

Dana Poltavska
Head of the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens

Olena Semenova

Head of the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens - Hanna Kozlova
Inspector - Valeriya Sira

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Our contacts:
Phone: (057) 731-30-97
E-mail: moedcenter@ukr.net
Address: 3, Bursatskyi uzviz,
61057, Kharkiv, Ukraine

The Kharkiv State Academy of Culture has been educating international students since 1971. Over the years, more than 700 specialists have been trained for 42 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. The Centre for International Education and Cooperation provides information, renders methodological, consulting and organizational services to international students.. The Centre also helps foreign citizens and stateless persons studying at the KhSAC obtain legal temporary residence permits and residence registration.

The principal duties of the Centre are:

- preparing foreign citizens for admission to higher education institutions of Ukraine by organizing study of Ukrainian (English, Russian) language, as well as mathematics, regional studies, Ukrainian and world literature, history, fundamentals of economic and social geography and other subjects according to the chosen major;

- organization of language training of international students throughout the period of study at the Academy in accordance with current curricula and programmes;

- familirising international students with the realities of the Ukrainian way of life, with the regulations of international student education in Ukraine, regulations of residence and travelling on the territory of Ukraine, as well as the internal code of conduct at the Academy;

- registering documents of foreign citizens who have arrived to study at the Academy;

- establishing, coordinating and widening international links.

The Centre includes a preparatory department for foreign citizens and the international relations office. At the stage of preparation for admission to higher education institutions of Ukraine, the main objective is shaping knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure further successful study in Ukraine, as well as creating all the necessary conditions for a quick adjustment to the new educational and cultural environment and socio-cultural space of modern Ukraine. Teaching at the preparatory department is done in Ukrainian, English or Russian (student choice).

The faculty members at the Centre are experienced professionals knowing how to work with foreigners and how to apply innovative methods of teaching. Classes at preparatory department are conducted with due consideration of specific features of international students. Upon graduating from the preparatory department and passing the examinations, students are granted official certificates, which makes it possible for them to continue their studies in the chosen higher education institution in Ukraine.