Department of Television Art

Natalia Markhaichuk

Head of Department,
Candidate of Art Criticism, Associate Professor

Phone: (057) 734-99-24

The Department of Television Art offers the following degree programs:
Bachelor’s degree program: Audiovisual Arts and Production (4 years)
Master’s degree program: Audiovisual Art and Production (1.5 years)

Career opportunities: Television companies and production studios, advertising agencies, press services of various state and commercial institutions, educational and research institutions, news agencies and the media, production centers and studios, theaters, musical institutions, cultural and educational establishments, shopping and entertainment centres.

Disciplines taught at the department:
 Basics of directing audiovisual works
 Basics of operator skill in audiovisual art
 Basics of sound engineering in audiovisual art
 Fundamentals of producing audiovisual works
 Directing audiovisual works
 Operator skills in audiovisual art
 Sound production of audiovisual works
 Production of audiovisual works
 History of cinema and television
 Television journalistic activities
 Multi-camera shooting
 Light and composition
 Theory and practice of editing audiovisual works
 TV documentary
 Sound directing
 Music in screen art
 Nonlinear editing of audiovisual works
 Multimedia technologies on television
 Appliances and technology on television
 Digital technologies on television
 Graphic solutions of screen space
 Multimedia design
 Academic drawing
 Modern lighting and appliances
 Modern television shooting equipment
 Production of modern television series
 Current trends in screen management
 Psychology of the creative team
 Fundraising and project design